Carin Camen

Specializing in mid to high level Agile projects by bringing development and design together for optimal user experience.

AGILE • SCRUM • UX • CX • UI • IA • IxD • VsD • DV • VEMG

CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner • CSM Certified Scrum Master

Webster, NY 14580

C: 312 619 0003
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CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner
CSPO Certified Scrum Master

Specializing in mid to high level Agile projects by bringing development and design together for optimal user experience. My ability in implementing Agile philosophies into the Scrum framework allows me to quickly integrate design and development into self-organizing teams, to increase ROI for the project. With a diverse background in Agile and User Focused Methodology and Practices throughout the four phases of a project's life cycle, I work with agile teams to engage in the delivery of information and API based IT products. I collaborate with the Scrum Team to break down complex projects into results driven processes.

My experience in being in different roles of the project's four phase life cycle, throughout the last 15 years, allows me to understand both the stakeholder, user, design and development team, and customer service perspectives. Collaborating with Design, Marketing, Analysis and Development team while achieving usability and profitability goals, creates a positive user experience for all entities that will be involved with the project from conceptualization to product use.

My diverse knowledge and expertise in various industries throughout their Discovery, Strategy, Design and Execution Phases in the SDLC allows me to integrate Customer Experience Design with User Experience Design to facilitate the emotional response and connection between the user, product and company to provide consumer loyalty.

Diverse Industry Project Experience

Product Owner • Stake Holder • Sales/Marketing Manager • Consultant • Production Team Member • On site • Remote

  • Human Resource
  • Payroll
  • Education
  • Political
  • Marketing
  • Non-Profit
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Government Reg.
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business
  • Large Corporations

AGILE • PO • UX • CX • UI • IA • IxD • VsD • DV • VEMG

  • PO - Product Owner
  • UX - User Experience
  • CX - Customer Experience
  • UI - User Interface
  • IA - Information Architecture
  • IxD - Interaction Design
  • VsD - Visual Design
  • DV - Data Visualization
  • VEMG - Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
  • Front End Developer


Professional Development Learning Path


Product Owner
Coding - Knowledge Of
Visual Design


Visual Design


MS Human Computer Interaction

BFA Graphic Design


Favorite Quote

“The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim to low, and achieving our mark.” Michelangelo


Success is a choice. When we focus on the outcome of success, rather than the fear of failure; we choose to succeed through our actions.

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Consultant March 2017 - Present with Carin Camen Consulting, LLC

AGILE • UX • CX • UI • IA • IxD • VsD • DV • VEMG

Carin Camen Consulting, LLC is my business entity in which I provide Agile, Scrum, UX and CX consulting services in both digital and physical realms while implementing Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework. My combined degrees in Human Computer Interaction and Graphic Design, allows me to utilize my knowledge and skill throughout the project phase cycles.

Each project goes through four stages of development. Discovery, Strategy, Design and Execution. My knowledge and experience working on projects in the retail, political, non-profit, small businesses, e-commerce, large corporations, education, real estate, marketing and sales industries provides my clients the competitive edge in gaining insight of Direct, Non-Direct, Complimentary and Innovative competition.

I have the ability to break down complex projects into achievable results driven iterations. I work with clients throughout the four phases of the project development and provide either Premier Service or Consulting Service.

November 2016 - Present

Christopher Augmon utilized my Premier Service, where I personally work on the project throughout the SDLC, in a collaborative environment on his e-Commerce Shopify website redesign. Agile philosophy and a combination of Scrum and Waterfall Framework was utilized.


Christopher Augmon - CEO Christopher Augmon Corporation

Carin Camen web developer and designer exceeded my expectations ten fold. Not only did she fulfilled all my goals on the development and design of my new website, but she created metrics, social media activation and marketing/branding initiatives to help convert visit to my website into sales. Her skills are unparalleled to any other companies I have hired. I highly recommend her services if you want to grow your business and increase your overall brand.

Processes Used

SLDC - Planning Phase - Discovery

  • Content Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation

SLDC - Defining Phase - Strategy

  • Project Timeline
  • Agile Sprints
  • Information Architecture
  • User Flow
  • Social and Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Product/Model Photo Selection
  • Sales Conversion Campaigns
  • Customer Engagement Campaigns

SLDC - Designing Phase - Design

  • Visual Design
  • Typography
  • Company Brand Redesign
  • Brand Collections Redesign
  • Engagement Brand Design
  • Marketing Design
  • Over 600 Photographs Processed
  • Jewelry Retouching
  • Model Retouching
  • Lookbook Design for Digital and Print

SLDC - Building, Testing, Deployment Phases - Execution

  • Development
    • Modified Shopify theme with Ruby code, for custom site modification requests
    • Site design modifications
    • Worked in a collaborate environment with theme and app developers, located in various parts of the world to resolve theme coding issues
    • Provided resolution options for theme limitations
    • Provided resolution option for theme crashes
    • Completed testing for site theme and apps utilized on site
    • Completed responsive design testing on cloud platforms and live devices
    • Testing completed on multiple browsers, operating systems, desktop and mobile platforms
  • Marketing
    • Set up Rewards program
    • Set up Social Media Discount Program
    • Product Input
    • Product Upload
    • Creation of Social Media Marketing Campaigns
    • Creation of Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Creation of Rewards Program Marketing Campaign
    • Creation of Metrics for Social Media, Email, Rewards and Customer Engagement Programs

Sr. Prof/Tech Product Owner October 2017 - April 2018

As an independent decision maker, I directed the work related to the analysis, development and testing resources associated with three agile teams on mid to high-level complexity/impact to the company. Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework was used.

My responsibilities included:

UX/UI Design Consultant June 2016 - August 2016 with Excellus BCBS

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield is part of a $6.6 billion family of companies that finances and delivers health care services across upstate New York and long term care insurance nationwide.

I was brought on to the Excellus Web Customer Experience Team as their full stack UX/UI Designer Consultant. One of my primary duties has been to review the current policies and procedures and develop duplicable systems that could be implemented to ensure consistency and efficiency. Coaching on the benefits of implementing Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework was brought to management.


Robert Nabinger, Software Engineer at Excellus BCBS

I am the Information Technology Development Lead on a New York State Medicaid enhancement project at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. I had the pleasure to work with Carin on our team as a UX analyst and designer on several new web applications that provided critical services to our Medicaid subscribers and providers. Aside from her outstanding technical skills, Carin is true team player, who is always willing to go above and beyond her allocated tasks to work collaboratively with the project team. She consistently offers insight into issues and shares her technical knowledge with others in order to prevent other team members from struggling with obstacles she encountered in the past. I am very comfortable relying on Carin for assistance because of her caring nature and extreme loyalty to her team. She always maintains a high level of professionalism, is a great communicator, and is overall outstanding at what she does. It has been great experience and honor to work with Carin. My recommendation is AAA+++!

UX/UI Designer April 2016 - May 2016 with FCB Chicago

FCB Chicago is the industry’s largest startup – the oldest and newest advertising agency in Chicago. Founded in 1873 as Lord & Thomas and reintroduced as Foote, Cone and Belding.

As a UX/UI Consultant I was asked to come in for two weeks to conduct competitive analysis on 11 competitive websites for desktop, mobile and mobile app. Analysis was done on direct, complementary, cross and innovator competitors. I assisted in the discover, strategy and design phase on the Toyota Financial Services project. Agile Philosophy was utilized.


Gigia Tondelli Director, UX Strategy at FCB Global

I had the pleasure of working with Carin on a UX website competitive audit of over 11 brands. Carin is very thorough, thoughtful and is always focused on the user's experience. Her UX POV was extremely beneficial to this project. She not only managed her work very well but she was also able to jump right in immediately and knew exactly what to do to get the work done. She has been a pleasure to work with & she would be a valuable UX addition to a very lucky team!"

UX/UI Designer/Developer 2015 - 2016 with SoaTech

As a UI Designer I collaborated with the lead developer and owner of the company to create mobile applications and several brochure websites. UX skills were used while collaborating on a team environment with developers in a Pluralistic Evaluation type process. Heuristic Evaluations and Cognitive Walkthroughs were implemented on current websites and systems to define potential usability issues. All projects utilized Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework.


Eric Jensen President/Founder, SoaTech Inc.

Carin and I first worked together on Real IT Source. She took the role of Product Owner and SME. Her direction and insights were invaluable. Recently, SoaTech utilized her skill sets for UX, HCI, and design work for a variety of marketing sites and HTML5 Mobile applications (ReactJS and PhoneGap). She was even able to jump in an help with some basic ReactJS Forms implementation and propagation.

Freelance UX/UI Designer/Developer 2011 - present with Camen Designs

In a freelance position, I work with multiple small business clients on graphic design and web development project. Size of projects vary based upon clients needs and heavily utilized my HCI, UX, IA and Visual Design skills. Coaching on the benefits of Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework.

Senior Executive Managing Real Estate Broker 2007 - 2009 Realty Executives of Utah

As a senior management team member I reported directly to the CEO and owner. Due to my knowledge and skill with IT, my responsibilities included the development of new systems designed to assist agents in customer acquisition. HCI research and UX skills were utilized in a digital and physical environment to facilitate the owner’s objectives in utilizing digital marketing systems and revamping their website to gain a larger customer base. Agile Philosophy and a combination of Scrum and Waterfall frameworks were utilized.

Owner 2002 - 2012 with STEP Realty Inc.

Being an owner of my own Real Estate Company, has provided me first hand insight to stake holders business objectives. While in this position, I developed marketing and sales techniques to help set my clients apart from the competition.

It is in this position that I also was able to develop duplicable systems of time management, production assessment, acquisition and lead followup. While the industry may be different, the techniques remain the same. I bring over ten years experience in marketing and sales into my UX/UI Designs, which has proved to be very beneficial in my UX/UI Design career. Coaching of Agile Methodologies and implementation of some Scrum Frameworks in this industry assisted with collaboration, accountability and development of self-sustaining teams.

Construction Client - Director of Marketing and Sales

New construction was my specialty while I was a practicing agent. While in this position I developed a marketing strategy to expand luxury home contractor’s market exposure from local to national, through print and web marketing campaigns. This was accomplished through HCI research of owner’s competition, market analysis and conducting interviews with past and present customer base.

Lead the team of designers and developers in the development of the new company’s new website. Created low fidelity mockups of page layout designs to assist developers.

Residential Client - Buyer and Seller Real Estate Agent

In this position, I implemented user experience practices on a physical and digital environment.

Development Partner - 2005 in REAL IT SOURCE

As a development partner, my primary achievement was in the design and copy writing projects for developing a real estate business management software system. In this position my HCI research, UX, UI and IA skills were utilized. Agile Philosophy and Scrum Framework was utilized.

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